The last rock gig I attended was so loud that I was forced to leave, half-way through.  My ears were ringing – and they’ve been ringing constantly, ever since.  I am, in other words, one of the many unfortunate sufferers of Tinnitus.  In my case, it takes the form of a high-pitched noise that is difficult to describe.  It varies in intensity during the course of the day, but it is always there.  Consequently, I never experience the phenomena of “Silence”, as such, and can only fondly imagine what it must be like.

My short poem on the subject derives from moments of peaceful tranquility I’ve experienced, early in the morning, when the world is quiet, and the soporific humming sound of my refrigerator virtually nullifies the Tinnitus sounds in my head.  I suppose it’s the nearest I get to “Silence”, these days.


…. will never be complete, all –
encompassing.  But, sometimes,
around daybreak, you silence
the radio, sit, sipping
meditatively at the
morning brew, thinking no thoughts.
And, suddenly, it is there.
You allow yourself to smile,
to nestle inside it, feel
it slowly swelling, gently
halting the morning’s mad march.
You vow to give it more time;
begin to appreciate
the extent of your freedom.


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