Reading Poetry in the Bath

Devoted followers of this blog (anybody out there?) will be familiar with my liking for reading anthologies of verse in the bath.  There’s something soothing yet stimulating about simultaneously immersing myself in great poetry and warm soapy water.  I’ve previously written two short poems inspired by this bathtime reading (See this blog: April 30), and I’ve now written a third.  This one was inspired by reading an anthology – “Short and Sweet”, edited by Simon Armitage – of 101 very short poems.

The Great Verses (3):

He reads the great verses, in the bath.
An anthology entitled “Short and Sweet”.
101 poems, all exceedingly terse;
no fiddling with complex metrical “feet”.
He’s never read such pointed, punchy verse.

He feels the urge, that old sensation;
is tormented, again, by the sheer temptation.
So simple, surely, to write, to complete.
Poems like this could be done in a heartbeat!

He reads on, entranced, enveloped by steam.
Dazed, deluded, still harbouring dreams.


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