There was a time I’d go to bed,

fall, blissfully, asleep.

Basking in cool darkness,

I’d slumber long and deep.


My teeming brain would quieten;

fantasies rich and strange

would infiltrate my sleeping mind,

and delightfully derange.


I floated on the vast ocean

of The Unconscious, effortlessly.

Each night a joyful journey;

a sojourn by the sea.


But, tides of time;

the waves withdraw.

The sea no longer

laps the shore.


I know this is not

as it was before.

I know I need sleep;

I know I need more.

But this is the way of it;

unwritten lore.


I splash in the shallows;

on the rim, not the core.

Hear the muffled sound,

the retreating roar.

Followers of this blog will probably be aware of my periodic problems with sleeping – also alluded to in an earlier post: “Purging the Bins”.  I wondered if I could make some kind of a poem out of my nocturnal struggles, and “Sleep” is the final result.

A lot of the poems I’ve written recently have been unrhymed, but, as soon as I started thinking about sleep, all sorts of rhymes suggested themselves, and I soon realised this was going to be rhyming verse.  I always have a slight fear that poems with conventional rhyme-schemes can seem to be old-fashioned or twee, but I think this is really a secondary consideration.  The main question should be whether the poem works or not, on its own terms; and I hope “Sleep” does!


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  1. My sleep has also grown troubled compared to the past. *pats*

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