Bathtime Reading (7)


He reads the great verses, in the bath.
The lines, the words, that delight and inspire,
may ignite – who knows? – creative fire.

Images in Edwin Morgan’s “Trio”
effervesce, instil a sparkling brio.
Buchanan Street, the trio, Christmas lights.
Clarity of vision; piercing insight.

Bubbles of thought rise and soar in his mind.
He must catch them, or they may float away;
capture them, store them, for fresh light of day.

A line of verse comes to him, full-blown;
a line of verse hitherto unknown.
First line, perhaps, for a poem of his own?
He holds it in mind; sure he’s on the right path:
“He reads the great verses, in the bath . . .”

“He reads the great verses, in the bath.” turned out to be the line I would use as the first line of a sequence of seven poems.  All were entitled “The Great Verses”, and all were inspired by my habit of reading anthologies of poetry whilst relaxing in a warm bath.  I would often refer to the actual poems I was reading at the time – in the one above, for example, it was Edwin Morgan’s poem “Trio” – and sometimes I took the liberty of quoting lines from the poems I was reading.  I finally decided the sequence would have to come to an end – although I was tempted to continue it indefinitely – and “The Great Verses (7)” is the only way I could think of finishing it.  I still continue to read anthologies of poems in the bath, though; bath time just wouldn’t be the same without it. 



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