All is Dust


Down comes the dust,
on the good and the bad.
Down comes the dust,
on the happy and sad.

Negating, erasing,
as it does, as it must.
Endlessly falling,
down comes the dust.

You flail, you struggle,
when weak, when strong.
Stubborn, determined,
fighting, life-long.

Hoping, praying
you might just
leave some imprint,
in this world of dust.

But effort, unceasing,
cannot avail.
The dust, defeating;
you fumble, you fail.

You argue, you question;
why is it thus?
In silent seething,
and windless rush,
the question unanswered,
down comes the dust.

Apologies for posting the above poem at this particular time of year.  Readers might, justifiably, expect something optimistic, even joyful, for the beginning of a new year.  I don’t even have the excuse of publishing a newly-written poem that simply insists on seeing the light of day, as “All is Dust” is a revised version of a poem I wrote quite a while ago.  I must admit that – like most people, I assume – I have spent the last couple of weeks away from my usual haunts, celebrating Christmas and the New Year with family, friends and relatives, and inspiration for the writing of poems has been sorely lacking.  Casting around for something appropriate to post in the blog, I suddenly realised that one of the images associated with “All is Dust” could be that of an hourglass, with sand sifting slowly from one level to another.  In that sense, then, the poem could be relating to the passing of time; one year ending, as the new one begins. . .


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  1. Another wonderful poem – I hope 2015 brings you fresh inspiration and lovely things!

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